Online Learning Applications in India


1. Content (lectures, seminars, textbooks, games, toys, animation, video-audio lessons, stories, problem sets, sample test, quizzes) Formal/informal


a. Broadcasting  information: NCERT (e-textbooks from 1-12 standard),Google search, Wikipedia, youtube, Khan Academy, iTunes U, Ted-ed, Reddit university, Samsung Smart Learning, Educomp,  IXL,The Human Body by Tinybop (Learn parts of the body in Hindi), Gooru

b. Virtual classrooms: iChemistry

c. Content focused on Optimal Redundancy:

d. Language/speech learning/Content and Language Integrated Learning (learning content through an additional language): Let’s Learn Hindi! Lite by Culture Curry, Endless Alphabet (English Alphabets, 2013 iTunes App of the Year Runner-Up ), Proloquo2Go, My First 100 words in Hindi, Hindi Varnamala by Tinytapps, Hindi Baby Flashcards, Hindi Alphabets-Consonants, Perfect My English

e. Interactive Storytelling: Cloud TinkRBook, MangoReader, Bookbox, Pratham Books

f. Game-based Learning: Lumosity, Fit Brains Trainer, Team Umizoomi: Math Racer HD By Nickelodeon, Qualcomm Wireless Reach’s Play ‘n’ Learn program, PBS Kids

g. Decision making, habits & behavior chaining apps:  Sammy and lolo (Smart TV app)

h. Teachers training and course builders apps: TED-Ed Lessons, EDpuzzle

2. Discussions & social collaboration (peer-peer, student-teacher, student-parent, study groups, field work)


a. Peer-Peer: Wikianswers, Twitter, Reditt, yahoo answers

b. Student-Teacher: Group Scribbles

 3. Mentoring & Counseling :

Examples: Avanti (in-person Mentoring), – A Scholarship Porta, Xomidhan

 4. Track learning – Assessment (Reading assignments, writing assignments, tests, sample text, quizzes, study groups, fieldwork) :

Examples: (Needs parents, teachers guidance, focused on assessment), Mind Spark, ASSET, SmartBook, ALEKS

 5. Certification (Promotion to the next class) /Reputation Networks (non traditional):

Examples: Linkedin, Stackoverflow, Twitter, behance


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