Thesis update

I have narrowed down my project to quantify the Delhi city based on women’s safety. I started my thesis by exploring the ways we can lower down sexual intrusion/harassment in India and then I decided to focus on Delhi, since I am for Delhi and having practically lived  more than half of my life there.

I share a deep love & hate relationship with the city. Delhi is like a palimpsest, over which the glory and history of many empires and legends have been written, every time the dynasties have tried to erase the mark left behind their predecessor but yet it stands there, the most strangest, imprisoning and fascinating city of India.

I started off with my project, first exploring  existing projects/ initiatives being implemented world wide to stop women sexual harassment. Here is the link to my research findings :

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.15.47 PM

After talking to quite a lot of people of different age groups , I found that  places like Blank Noise,, hallaback suffered because, they were not able to communicate well with both the genders. Just too much focus on victims, to make a movement successful we need to reach to both the genders of the same age group at the same time.

This week I have decided to work with only one age group and one kind of harassment (street harassment).

Now my target audience to 16-25 yrs old college going kids. I futher started doing research on their schedule. What are they interested in, what is their daily schedule like etc.



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